Our People

HSEC Services recognises the importance of attracting, retaining and developing good quality people in achieving its vision - to excel at securing and enhancing the wellbeing of people, businesses and communities.

As part of our overall sustainability approach we are committed to fostering a culture where our people are engaged, passionate and valued as we believe that success with our people will lead to success with our clients, stakeholders and the communities we share over the long term.

Our vision - To be a workplace where people want to work and where they can grow or develop as professionals in their fields to such a standard that they are keenly sought after by our competitors and where our clients identify that we add great value as a result of our highly professional people and support and the local community identify HSEC Services as a good employer of their children - is further supported by our commitment to:

  • Diversity – We respect diversity in our people and in their ideas, work styles and perspectives.
  • Flexibility – We offer flexibility in employment to ensure a satisfying balance of work and personal life.
  • Health, safety and wellbeing – We offer support and information services, competitive private health insurance, free health checks and flu vaccinations, as well as parenting and health seminars.
  • Leadership development – We believe it's critical to develop the leadership capabilities of people in our organisation.

Our ongoing commitment to the community – We have been strengthening and enriching the communities in which we live and work since we opened.