Health and Safety

Health and Safety Matters

Safety is what we do.

We believe that all accidents and incidents are preventable.  Our commitment to the safety and health of all of our employees, contractors and the people we serve is driven by strong leadership, the engagement of our people and the effective management systems needed to achieve our safety vision.

We will always exhibit the behaviors that demonstrate our commitment to safety and health in the workplace and broader community.

Our health and safety culture is supported by a Health and Safety Program titled “The Way We Work” and is based on:

  • giving safe work principals prevailing status over all other HSEC Services business objectives;
  • an acceptance of individual responsibility and accountability for our personal and company HSE performance;
  • management through effective leadership is visible and clear, with guidelines and supporting behaviors established to enable management to act without hesitation in support of this strategy;
  • a belief by our people in the company managements desire to maintain best practice HSEC performance for both ourselves and our clients; and
  • input and output targets set for improvement in all areas of HSEC performance are to be leading as well as lagging based on the work we do and be measurable for best effect.


HSEC Services Management and Employees are required to commit to always promote our believe that Zero Harm to people, plant and the environment is achievable and that Safe Work is a prime value that is not compromised.  The basic commitments we expect are:

  • we are each individually responsible for the Safety of ourselves, those we work with, the broader community we interact with and the environment;
  • we will always take action to prevent harm; and
  • we each will not accept or condone substandard work practices.