In order for our business to be truly sustainable, it must sustain not only the necessary environmental resources, but also its social resources, including employees, clients,community, and its reputation.

Our corporate sustainability strategies aim to ensure the effectiveness of:

  • our work with clients in providing solutions and services that are value adding and effective;
  • the way we manage our people so that they can be settled, happy and effective within both the HSEC Services and client workplaces;
  • community relations activities; and
  • our own workplace planning and efficiency strategies.

To assist us in meeting our strategies we will focus on the following areas:

  1. 1. Innovation & Technology
    We will focus on our ability to change our products and services towards less waste production while ensuring the sustainability of best practices;

  2. 2. Collaboration
    We will form networks with similar or partner companies/clients sharing and developing innovation;

  3. 3. Process Improvement
    Continuously surveying what we do and say against global best practices in order to reduce waste. Employee awareness of company-wide sustainability plan will further aid the integration of new and improved processes; and

  4. 4. Sustainability Reporting
    Periodic reporting of company performance in relation to goals. These goals are to be incorporated in to the corporate mission statement.

Feel free to read how we intend to drive a sustainable business in the links on the left side of this page