Company Vision, Purpose, Values

The way we work - Where we want to be

We want to be a workplace where people want to work and where they can grow or develop as professionals in their fields to such a standard that they are keenly sought after by our competitors.

Where our clients identify that we add great value as a result of our highly professional services and support and the local community identify HSEC Services as a good employer of their children.

The purpose of our work

Within ourselves we want to drive effective delivery of the client’s needs or projects through highly professional teamwork and intellectual services.

For our clients we want to add clear and considerable value to their business.

Our values

We will foster values amongst our staff that will become the core values of the way we as people do our work. We will always strive to be:

  • Respectful to our colleagues, peers and clients
  • Partners for effective outcomes with our clients
  • Honest and act with integrity in everything we do
  • Accountable for our decisions, actions and social responsibilities
  • Open-minded
  • Consistent
  • Efficient in the way we work
  • Innovative in our solutions or approach to work
  • Creative
  • Adventurous
  • Optimistic
  • Inspiring to others
  • Passionate about what we believe, do and say
  • Respected by others for our work

Just to be great people