Responsible & Ethical Behaviour

The HSEC Services Values, Code of Conduct and company policies provide guidance on responsible and ethical decision making and behaviour, and also takes into account our legal obligations as well as the reasonable expectations of all stakeholders, particularly our clients.

Our Code of Conduct underpins our Values. It sets out the behaviours we expect of our Directors, Managers, employees and contractors, and articulates our commitment to good corporate governance, responsible business practice, our clients, our workforce, the communities in which we operate and the environment. All persons governed by our Code of Conduct are responsible for complying with the principles embodied in the document.

Our governance framework includes polices in the following key areas:

Health and Safety – which recognises our commitment to the health, safety and the wellbeing of our staff, clients, contractors and the effects of our work on the community and Environment. The policy highlights the importance of workplace health and safety and sets out the responsibilities, accountability, measurement and our commitment to compliance for health and safety at HSEC Services.

Privacy/Confidentiality – which sets out our commitment to the protection of our business, employee’s and clients’ information, how and why we collect it, how we may use and disclose it, how we keep it secure and accurate, as well as how clients may access their own information.

HSEC Services  3Rs of Social Media Engagement (Representation, Responsibility and Respect) – which provides guidance to employees who use social media, either as part of their job or in a personal capacity, regarding our expectations when they talk online about us, our clients, our services, our people, our competitors and/or other business related individuals or organisations.

Anti-Bribery & Anti-Corruption – which aims to ensure we comply with applicable anti-bribery and anti-corruption laws and regulations or the same policies of our clients. Our Gifts and Hospitality Policy also seeks to ensure that gifts, prizes and hospitality are not accepted in inappropriate circumstances, including where acceptance may (or may be perceived to) compromise independence or be construed as a bribe.

Conflicts of Interest and Outside Activities – which provides a process to manage conflicts of interest, and assist our employees, clients, contractors and managers to understand what we consider to be a conflict of interest and how to deal with any actual or potential conflicts.