Communications with internal and External Stakeholders

We are committed to open, clear, accurate and timely communications with our stakeholders and clients about matters affecting their business with us and our own ongoing operations. We shall ensure all communications are consistent with our continuous disclosure and other applicable legal or contractual obligations. We also value a direct, two-way dialogue with stakeholders and believe that it is important not only to provide relevant information as quickly and efficiently as possible, but also to listen and understand our stakeholders’ perspectives and respond to their feedback. 

HSEC Services will endeavour to ensure that all communications with stakeholders aligns with our company values.  Particularly values such as:

  • Respectful to our colleagues, peers and clients;
  • Honesty and to act with integrity in everything we do;
  • Being accountable for our decisions and actions;
  • Always being Consistent; and
  • Inspiring to others.

Some of the specific initiatives we have put in place to encourage effective communication between ourselves and with our stakeholders include:

  • Making appropriate use of technology to inform and engage those we communicate with;
  • Encouraging face to face dialogue where practical and possible.  Face to face communication on appropriate matters within the same office;
  • Hosting stakeholder information briefings where and when appropriate with Group or Location Directors/Managers as is appropriate for the subject matter;
  • Writing directly to our stakeholders on significant issues that affect their current or future interests and using electronic communications to advise those stakeholders who have provided us with their email address, and
  • Maintaining our company website in an up to date state.