Employee Diversity and Inclusion

We see Diversity and Inclusion as a business norm. It is our policy to leverage Diversity and practice Inclusion in order to contribute to the achievement of our strategic objectives and company values. This means using Diversity to:

  • drive business results;
  • enhance our reputation; and
  • attract, recruit, engage and retain a diverse team of talented people wherever appropriate.

Our policy is based on the strong business benefits that accrue from effectively managing Diversity, the value that difference brings to the HSEC Services Group, the Diversity that exists among the clients we serve, and the need for flexibility that exists within a progressive organisation.

Our Diversity and Inclusion strategy is aligned to our strategic priorities and Company Values. Our strategic intent for Diversity and Inclusion is the attraction, retention and development of a diverse team of skilled people who are increasingly engaged, thus enabling delivery on our strategy.

Our Diversity and Inclusion initiatives are based on three strategic pillars:

  • Our Clients - to leverage diversity as a business driver;
  • Our Communities - to be a recognised leader in Diversity and Inclusion in the business and broader community; and
  • Our People - to attract, recruit, engage and retain diverse talent. This includes the embedding of inclusive practices within each part of our employee life-cycle.


Our Diversity and Inclusion policy is centred on the following six core principles:

  • Respect for People and Family – many people perform best with flexible work options that allow them to better integrate their professional and personal commitments.  We provide employees with a range of support tools and resources to help them establish working arrangements that increase employee engagement and productivity.

We also offer flexible work and leave options that meet the needs of our people at different phases of their lives and careers, while achieving business objectives and meeting customer needs

  • Merit - decisions about recruitment, development, promotion and remuneration are based on performance and capabilities.
  • Fairness and Equality - embracing Diversity and being inclusive means we do not tolerate unlawful discrimination, bullying, harassment or victimisation.
  • Contribution to commercial success - our Diversity and Inclusion initiatives are based on sound business principles and objectives. We focus on results for HSEC Service, the Client and our people, not on processes or programs for their own sake.
  • Everyone's Business - we have some focussed initiatives for Identified Groups, but essentially Diversity and Inclusion is for everyone. It is part of how we work.
  • Part of who we are - we are diverse and we are inclusive. Our people live our Cultural Priorities which include valuing diverse ideas and innovating together to achieve our objectives.

Measurable Objectives

HSEC Services Leadership Team establishes Measurable Objectives for achieving Diversity and Inclusion at all of the Company. These could include:

  • establishing goals for female and disabled persons representation at a business unit level, in senior management, executive and operational roles;
  • implementing strategies and initiatives to address any gender pay equity gap (to the extent one exists);
  • aiming to ensure that the scores for employee engagement for Identified Groups are not less than the whole-of-company engagement scores; and
  • implementing leadership programs that assist in the development of a diverse pool of skilled and experienced executives, and that prepare them for senior management positions within or outside of HSEC Services.