Growth through Review

Growing as a Company Through Internal and External Reviews

Companies like ours will never be at the forefront of industry or be the Clients preferred vendor if we don’t keep looking within regards quality, performance and compliance to stated criteria, and using the information we discover to change the way we work either within or through the services we provide. 

Our company Senior Executives will constantly seek better ways to work, more effective tools and strategies with which we can service our client’s needs and leading practices for the services we provide.

To assist us, we shall undertake and encourage the following types of audits:

Internal Auditing

Our internal audit activities are undertaken by competent people that have a mandate to provide HSEC Service Group and Location Management with independent and objective assurance on the effectiveness of our governance, risk management and internal control processes.

Functional responsibility for Internal Audits resides with the Company Group Director. The Auditor has full and unrestricted access to all of our information systems, records, physical properties and employees in order to carry out its activities. The work of the Internal Audit is guided by The International Professional Practices Framework provided by the Institute of Internal Auditors.

External Auditing

HSEC Services actively encourage audits from clients and other Third Party auditors that may be appointed from time to time.  We particularly encourage audits that examine or test our commitment or application of:

  • Our Stated Company Values/Standards
  • Client required standards or behaviours
  • Third party certifications that either client or HSEC Services subscribe to.

and we commit to maintaining an open and unguarded position during any audit.  We see this as an opportunity to grow or validate our current approach to business management.

The Management shall receive these audit reports and ensure that any justified actions are undertaken as soon as reasonably practical and always in a sustainable way.