Making A Step Change

Every situation has a different approach but HSEC Services would normally undertake a six step process when asked by the Owner/Client to work on developing their contractors HS&E compliance or performance. These six steps are:

Step changes diagram


Using both regional and international best practice as a benchmark we will undertake an intensive audit of the contractors HS&E management systems and develop two proposals based on:

Regional standards – An understanding of the gap between the contractors current systems and what is accepted as the best practice regionally, and

International Standards - An understanding of the gap between the contractor’s current systems and what is accepted as the best practice on an international basis.


At this point we would discuss with the appropriate key stakeholders in more detail what the contractor may need to do in order to be aligned with either the regional or international best practice and understand what the contractor’s management will commit to. A defined and formal commitment statement would normally be an outcome of this phase.


Where appropriate this phase would redesign the contractors HS&E program and work with the contractor on restructuring their people and systems to accommodate the required step change. The existing Commitment statement would be revisited and adjusted if required and a detailed action plan would be developed.


As a part of the step change process elements of the existing HS&E program may be rebranded and socialised for best effect.


This step would normally be an integral part of the new HS&E program rollout and involve careful socialising of the various program elements.


Recognising the advancements as they occur and rewarding the efforts of the team is critical in having the new program sustained in the contractor’s workplace.

Important Note. Due to the potential for a conflict of interest, HSEC Services are unable to work directly for the contractor.