Training Design and Support

HSEC Services has extensive experience in defining performance needs, training design, and evaluate training alternatives. We specialize in applying cognitive instructional methods to your training requirements.

Needs Assessment

HSEC Services can work with you to conduct a performance assessment that will recommend cost effective solutions to workplace training needs based on:

  • Specification of organizational/Project goals
  • Definition of project constraints
  • Review of workplace requirements and tools
  • Labour/resource language issues
  • Review of work-related metrics

Training Design

We can design your training program or lessons. Design documents will be produced to include:

  • Course and lesson outlines that utilise course content and material that is completely relevant to the place/needs/audience and issue
  • Course and lesson learning objectives
  • Job and task analysis data
  • Storyboards or sample lessons

Delivery and Evaluation of Training

The effective delivery of your training program or lessons is the key. Your training materials and courses will be produced to include:

  • Consideration of peoples language and cultural backgrounds
  • Theoretical vs Practical training and assessment based on target audience
  • Outcomes that are designed to overcome intrinsic issues pertaining to the subject matter based on local experience.