Driving Positive Change

Delivering change is challenging. Delivering significant improvements in performance depends on the extent of antipathy in the organization towards the status quo.

We have found that a sincere desire for change is critical for the successful deployment of improvement initiatives, but is not sufficient by itself. The right intent, with the wrong approach, consistently leads to lackluster results (at best a transient emotional engagement by leaders in addressing safety and environmental aspects on the job), frustration for those engaged in driving the initiative and often cynicism amongst those who have been targeted by the effort.

Successful, sustainable organisational transformation requires a delicate balance of strong leadership, deep personal engagements across the organization, together with robust and rigorous processes engineered to yield appropriate behaviours in each and every project or operational setting.

Establishing a set of conditions which will cause and sustain meaningful change is very challenging. With the right vision, depth of commitment and the right approach, it’s also highly achievable.

Our people have experience in developing sustainable change. We can work with your contractors or service providers in the field and bring about the step change you seek.