Enterprise Reward and Recognition Program

While business manages their contractors on a project by project basis they are missing the opportunity to drive a step change through their contractor’s organisation which in turn increases the cost or risk of loss or delay for the owner/client.

Owners need to be in a position to manage their contractors less than they currently do whilst knowing that their clients are safe work orientated and productive. Studies show that a safe workplace is a productive workplace.

In partnership with the client we can design, deliver and manage on behalf of the owner a Reward and Recognition Program suitable for any enterprise. In utilising us the owner will see results in cost reduction through:

  • Less direct and indirect workplace incidents and resulting administration / management costs;
  • Driving change through the contractor/service provider organisation rather than the contracted unit;
  • More safe and efficient contractors/service providers;
  • Program management through scale thus reducing cost; and a
  • Happier more productive workforce.

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