Simplified Pre-qualification/Compliance Audits

There are two options available, Ad-hoc pre-qualification/Compliance Assessments or Pre-qualification/Compliance Assessment Administration.


We can service your needs on an adhoc basis with your company making all of the arrangements with HSEC Services simply conducting the audit and providing a clear and effective report, or

Pre-Qualification/Compliance Assessment Administration

It’s easy. HSEC Services can administer and streamline the prequalification process for you. It’s what we do best.

HSEC Services clients enjoy a high-level efficiency because we handle the questions your Contractors have about prequalification/Compliance Assessments, make all the necessary arrangements, undertake the audits and provide you with a clear and effective report once completed.

Where appropriate, agreed and contracted to do so, HSEC Services can also provide HS&E performance and prequalification data from other sources that in turn will drive up your contractors HS&E performance. Note that the “other sources” discussed in this section are other major Companies that agree to this same service.